In my practice of healing, I trust in angels, the divine presence of the Holy Spirit, and guides both on earth and not. My faith is a broad based belief in God. I was baptized a Christian and follow the example of Christ as Way-shower. My healing therapies rely on sacred ritual, this includes touch healing, sound therapy, prayer, and pranic and auric scanning and recommended spiritual exercises. Mine is an authentic service, and you may find the authenticity surprising. Yet, you do not need to believe what I believe or even have a religious Faith. You only need the beating of your Heart and your Will to follow through. For nothing stands outside of the Holy Spirit, and everything we do has multi-dimensional effects. We are all connected and all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.

What People Say

“This is a truly special and gifted lady whom I will always return to for readings, energy work/healings and soon hopefully to communicate with my mom who has passed away. Next time Shari! Be blessed and I am forever grateful for your help. Daisy” …

written by CountryDaisy

“5 stars!!! She did a body reading and she knew about the pain I’ve had and what was wrong!! She’s so honest and beautiful and so much fun to talk to!! She understands 100 percent !!! :)!!! She knew my whole body head to toe and she picked up on everything health-wise!! Very helpful and I will definitely be back; you’re so spot on– 100 percent ,and I’m so thankful for your time!! xxxooo Love always and lots of light! 🙂 xxxx You’re the best!” …

​- written by bunny222222

​​Shariananda was wonderful!! Her reading was very delightful, honest and sincere. I highly recommend her, once my reading was up I asked her if there was anything else she would like to share before I went… her message was to take care of my feet and stop wearing those hard boots!!! I went to the Dallas Cowboy game yesterday and wore boots, my feet started to hurt so I took them off and walked in socks for the rest of the day!! I could not believe that confirmation!!! Amazing…. ”

​- written by bflow1

Let’s reveal something deep and true.

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