We offer a range of healing and counseling services to support your spiritual needs. Not sure what you need, or what it costs? Look over the descriptions below. Our fees are set with your comfort in mind. Get in touch soon.

30 Minutes “Online” or Phone Reading
700 Dkk/100 US dollars

You call at prearranged time, either by Skype or other video online service. You share a single issue about a single area of your life, such as marriage, children, health, work, new job, grief, loss, moving, family problems, “when”, “how”, legal, or financial matter. We hold a short silence on the matter. Then I offer prayer for Heaven’s support and immediate guidance. You choose a tarot deck (self-validating reading). Next you make a 3-card selection,one for Past, Present, and Future. I interpret the tarot intuitively and clairvoyantly regarding the matter with special attention to a specific and genuine explanation of the symbols, numbers, and colors and images and time frame. The reading is private and specific to you.

1 Question Reading by E-mail or Post
350 Dkk / 75 US dollars

You write a clear question in a letter/mail about any issue, matter, or concern. This could be a yes/no question, a should/shouldn’t question, a “why” “when” or “will/will not” “how” or what is/what is not dilemma. You may explain the background for the question or the reason for the inquiry. It may be useful to give age and gender or birth date. To prepare your answer, I will meditate, pray, and set aside an hour wherein I will write up to 8000 characters (about 1500 words) to answer you. Your answer arrives by email within 48 hours. For post, use address​ on Contact page. Include self-addressed stamped envelop for reply. Follow up exchanges at reduced rates. You may book a phone review for additional fee.

Healing & Hypnosis​​
90 min. Healing Treatment —ONLY in Office
2000 Dkk / 500 US dollars

This treatment works best if you request the session in advance and receive directions for spiritual preparation prior to the appointment: Bath. Candle burning. Sacred Ritual. Light dress wear is best. Fruit or other offering is voluntary. All sessions includes an initial prayer. You lay on bodywork table. I guide you through chakras for energy blocks and painful memories or unresolved issues. I am a certified Egyptian healer, massage therapist, and pranic healer.
I chant and attune the aural field with chimes, spiritual, animal sounds and other sound therapy. The healing session includes, unique Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, Native American, and Eckist prayers. Hands-on touch to tender locations in the body. Sessions feature deep trance and continuous astral body scan. Very effective on unresolved emotional issues, metaphysical energy blocks, physical disability, disease, and heartbreak.​ Repeat treatments as needed. Follow up as suggested.

90 minute Hypnosis Treatment in Office
2000 Dkk / 500 US dollars

You make your appointment by phone. In office Treatment involves relinquishing free will and willingness to enter deep trance. The Oracle is a certified hypnotist.
You must have specific desire to break a long time habit such as smoking, over eating, or drinking. Treatment is good for relinquishing anger, depression, and lack of progress. You can find the source for your own unacceptable behaviors and nonproductive ways of being. I use soft voice, slow induction and gentle recall to help you go within to deep places. Hypnosis can aid you in reprogramming yourself for happiness and peace of mind as well as eliminate pain.
Includes pre and post counseling.
Make an appointment today.
Travel arrangements for treatment separate.


Your appointment will be confirmed after payment is received.

​​​I look forward to seeing you.​​

Payment options

In Denmark

  1. Payment by Bank transfer:
    reg. nr. 2105
    konto: 0727216774
    MARK: Type of reading, and your name
  2. Outside of Denmark
    Money Gram Western Union
  3. Direct Deposit
    ​We apologize that MobilPay and Paypal is not available.

    Your appointment will be confirmed after payment is received. ​​​I look forward to seeing you.​​

Cancellation policy

Cancellation less than 48 hours before scheduled consultation will not be refunded. Cancellation at or more than 48 hours, your fee will be refunded, less admin. costs (transaction fee) of $25

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