The Church of True Hearts

The Church of True Hearts (T-COTH) was founded online in 2011
in the USA by Dr. Shariananda Adamz, aka. The Oracle.
It is an arm of her consulting practice, OS Global Healing Therapies
whose motto is “All paths lead to God.”

Followers and members

Followers and members share a
common belief of the Oneness of God as Spirit in All.

Spiritual practices

Spiritual practices include prayer, song, water-sharing ritual,
Chanting and meditation.

Inspiration, encouragement and comfort

Benefit of Worship

Services are meant to serve, inspire, encourage, comfort, and unify.
Held every 2 weeks, the church services are supported by free-will donations via Church of True Hearts.

Prayer requests

In need for personal prayer? – I take personal prayer requests, as a part of the Sunday-service.

True Heart, Our place, Your light, Your purpose,

How often have you asked yourself, “Who am I? “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?”
How many times have you joined a crusade, a campaign, a group, or a church only to put in time and energy,money, and ideas only to become indifferent, disenchanted, or drift away unfulfilled? Too many times, probably.

If you’re reading this, you have grown to this moment of transition, This is your ascendancy. You’re leveling up. You have found a nexus with the old that will bring you to the new. You are ready to condense, collect, allow everything that you have been (or ever believed or ever committed to. All of that will now be folded into the center of your knowing and being. Tradition and formal practices, orthodox beliefs and ideals all become new.

If you’re reading this, then you are ready to follow the dictates that are written on your own heart. For no single, established belief system can fulfill every social, ethical, moral or right-seeking thought that you have. No, never. But you do want confirmation, conversation, community, don’t you? Right. You can live the sum total of your great love and light. How ? By sharing what’s written on your own true heart.
What is written? For one thing: Your Name. Your breath. Your key in the song of life. Your vibration. Your frequency.

Come play, pray, chat, share wisdom, hear song, meditate, praise to God whatever you consider GOD to be.Get a card reading, receive a long-distance healing, and energy for the week ahead. Oracle Shariananda offers new age sermons and new takes on old school religion. She raises the metaphysical scaffolding of this church, so that you may be a stone in its building. Becoming a member is to become a founders.We meet every two weeks, live streaming online. Come. all paths leads to God.
About the the funding and growth of the church. The church is supported by your donations, your freely given charitable donations can be left at church of true hearts.

Thank you for your support


& Bring a friend – if you like….

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